© 2018 by Clare Vernon FCCA Dip ION FdSc mBANT

  • Clare Vernon

Your Purpose is Within You

Never one to give up on anything, I just had to see if the lily flower broken off at the stem (by my daughter throwing some dirty clothes over the bannister to go in the wash no less!) would open up with a little water and some loving intent.

Ok, so mainly just water, but the intent that it would work was there too.

And so it did, just two days later.

And I was struck by its incredible sense of purpose despite being fractured from its core being. Even without a stem, having already been cut from its roots, this flower knew exactly what it was, exactly what it was supposed to do and it achieved its goal seemingly effortlessly.

And as I’m always looking for metaphors for life and it’s meaning, ways to ignite personal understanding, I thought this lily's commitment to it's cause was perfect.

We all have that true meaning and purpose within us. If we just let go of other people's expectations of us, or maybe even our own expectations of ourselves? Just let ourselves just be, rather than placing such heavy demands on ourselves to be something we are not, then the flowers blossom and the fruits ripen and we come into our own.

Our purpose becomes clearer.

That lily, knew it was a lily, knew that it was supposed to open, regardless.

So quit worrying what you’re going to be or do next, and just be yourself. Observe that desire and passion within you and follow your own path and you too will blossom in your own good time.

If you feel you could do with some help to let yourself just “be”, to reignite some purpose and meaning in your life, get in touch. Let’s see what could open up for you...