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  • Clare Vernon

Inside Out - Upside Down

I took a photo on my regular morning walk the other day and after contemplating it for a while it stimulated some interesting thoughts about my own behaviour.

Firstly, it reminded me that even when life seems dreary, dull and full of wet, miserable puddles that I seem to constantly need to veer around to avoid, if I can make effort to take a different position and look at things with fresh eyes, I can establish a new, more positive and uplifting perspective.

The wind blowing across this cold, grey puddle had breathed new life into the tree reflected onto its rippling surface and whilst the tree itself was moving quietly into its wintery hibernation having lost most, if not all of its leaves, the ripple of the breeze had brought it a new lease of life in the reflection I found myself photographing.

Subsequently, this every day image made me realise how much focusing purely from my usual view, opinion and perspective can contribute to fuelling persistent (and potentially negative) thoughts and behaviours about a difficult situation.

I realise that sometimes it is helpful to take a completely different view of things to bring them back to life; turn them inside out, look at them upside down, take a completely opposite stand point. Deliberately and purposefully.

Rather than looking through our own eyes at a situation that, to us at least, seems bleak, or annoying, or frustrating, irritating even; if we can turn ourselves around and stand looking at things from another person's viewpoint things can and often do take on a different, less personal perspective.

We are naturally trapped inside our own bodies looking out in the same direction at all manner of occurrences from our own perspective every single day. The difficult thing to do is to recognise when this is not serving us in a positive manner and take steps to change our perspective.

Deliberately stepping away and placing ourselves metaphorically in someone else's shoes can be a great start to achieving a new understanding that moves us from a current fixation to another more flexible position that breathes new life into the situation.

If you think you have an issue or difficulty that seems to have a strong hold and could do with being shifted, get in touch and see if we can work it through to create a new horizon.