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Strong self awareness clear, positive values and goals are the impetus for Wellbeing Momentum. Together with a healthy belief system they help to direct us towards healthy environmental choices that are within our control such as enriching home and work environments, healthy nutrition, appropriate movement, financial security, positive relationships, autonomy and personal privacy. Our power sources include internal and external influences on our emotional wellbeing and on our physical health, movement and function.

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Notice that the power sources pass through the Physique initially in the momentum path to recognise the influence that our physique has on our ability to act in a self-enriching manner. 

The more healthy and powerful the inputs to the model, the greater the momentum. 

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The ability to cope and persevere when challenges arise enhances physical health and wellbeing and adds to wellness momentum.

Emotional resilience suggests an ability to really feel our emotions for all that they are; to let them flow, not suppress them. It suggests an ability to manage ourselves when we are experiencing overwhelm so that we can move past the feeling and continue to function optimally.

I include within Emotional Resilience the idea of 'Anti-fragility'; an ability to improve ourselves through the experience of setbacks, not simply withstand harm.

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Thoughts and Behaviours naturally follow Emotional Resilience in the Vertical Me Model but at times will be interchangeable and addressed in a different order dependent upon the client's personal belief systems.

Our emotions undoubtedly contribute to our thoughts and behaviours but our thoughts and behaviours may also lead to the arousal or persistence of emotions which may or may not be conducive to wellbeing.

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A natural consequence of emotions, thoughts and behaviours is their effect on our internal body chemistry.

Emotions and thought patterns create a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that surge throughout our body; these are innate responses over which we have little to no control.  However, taking charge of our power sources, managing emotions and adapting thoughts and behaviours is more likely to positively affect our internal chemistry and empower the nutritional inputs to greatest effect.

Providing the right nutrients to support healthy internal chemistry will also enhance wellbeing momentum through optimising personal biochemistry and physique during life stage changes or demanding periods in our lives.

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Few would argue that a healthy physique enhances our wellbeing and success. However, it is not a pre-requisite to optimum wellbeing.

Even individuals who have experienced life changing effects on their physicality often demonstrate enhanced wellbeing momentum.

Quite often, the ability to begin moving and creating a healthy physique rests on our ability to handle our emotions and adapt our thoughts, behaviours and lifestyle habits.

That said, an ability to move and a healthy body also has a positive effect on our emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

It is for these reasons that Healthy Physique is placed at the base the model; to recognise that the foundations of health are impacted by constant interaction with our physicality.

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Nearing the end of the feedback loop we can return to revisit influences on wellbeing momentum now that we have a greater understanding of ourselves. We may temporarily exit the model on a path to success but return as and when we feel out of sync with the pace of our momentum.


Listening to each client's story with The Vertical Me Model in mind helps both myself and the client understand why we might be considering some of the more intangible aspects of their wellbeing.  It is a cycle that can be returned to and used along with the tools I recommend to clients so that they can consistently re-evaluate their wellbeing.

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The approach does not require each client to walk through each step or stage of the cycle with me. A formal structure or staged approach to therapy is not the aim of the model. It is merely a mechanism for explaining the development of my approach and the strategy I use for considering each individual's story.


Throughout our time working together I remain mindful of the benefits of other complementary healthcare approaches to each individual case.  I consider whether my skills in nutrition or other approaches might be beneficial and am happy to refer clients on to other therapists who work with a very similar mindset to me.

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It is possible for clients to move in and out of working with me towards their own Vertical Me Wellbeing Momentum at different stages in their path.  They can also choose to work with other practitioners who may be more appropriately matched to guide them at different points on their journey. My aim with all clients is to 'Make it Happen'.