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A strong sense of wellbeing comes when all the important aspects of our lives are in balance and are adequately attended to.  It comes from matching your current values to your actions and behaviours.  It's a tough call and it's easy for the balance to slip even when you finally think you've nailed it.

Vertical Me aims to give you the tools to quickly identify which area(s) of your life are falling out of balance and to enable you to address them just as promptly and effectively.  It aims to empower you to continually assess your choices and actions against the changing values in your life and to apply your skills and resources in the right areas to maximise their positive effects.

Vertical Me can also incorporate an experienced assessment and analysis of influences on your physical and emotional health, whilst providing educated professional guidance on nutritional and lifestyle interventions that may be the missing link in putting your wellbeing back on track.

I cannot tell you what to do I can only inspire you

No-one climbs a mountain to get to the middle...



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Initial consult

60 mins - £60

Follow up

50 mins - £50

Walk & talk

For existing clients I am happy to arrange 'Walk & Talk' appointments of between 30 and 60 mins as a Vertical Booster Session