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A strong sense of wellbeing comes when all the important aspects of our lives are in balance and are adequately attended to.  It comes from matching our current values to our actions and behaviours.  It's a tough call and it's easy for the balance to slip even when we finally think we've nailed it.

Clare's 'Vertical Me' approach incorporates a thorough assessment and analysis of nutritional and lifestyle influences on your physical and emotional health, whilst providing educated professional guidance on interventions that may be the missing link in putting your wellbeing back on track.

Her approach also aims to give you the tools to quickly identify which area(s) of your life are at risk of tilting out of balance and reducing your ability to make healthy choices or maintain the long term changes you are aiming for.  You will learn simple and effective tools that will empower you to continually assess your choices and actions against the changing values in your life and to apply your skills and resources in the right areas to maximise their positive effects.

I cannot tell you what to do I can only inspire you

No-one climbs a mountain to get to the middle...



Contact me for a free  15 minute telephone call to chat things through and see if you think we could work together.

No obligation to book.





Up to 90 mins - £100

Follow Up

Up to 50 mins - £50

For clients who recognise that their life experiences, lifestyle, environment, behaviours, emotions and mindset have a big influence on their wellbeing.

This approach focuses on whole life balance whilst addressing dietary influences as well.

Nutrition &




Up to 90 mins - £100

Follow Up

Up to 50 mins - £50

For Clients looking for support for specific symptoms or diagnosed Medical Conditions.

thorough evaluation of your symptoms, medical and family history, lifestyle, behaviours, digestive health, stress management and dietary intake.


 Up to 60 mins - £75


A Focused Assessment of Digestive Function and Gut Integrity, and an evaluation of how your Stress Management & Sleep Hygiene may be influencing your digestion.


You are what you eat and what you are able to absorb but you are also what you re-absorb that should have been eliminated!